Episode 26

Cody Sucks


September 23rd, 2017

1 hr 3 mins 36 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Welcome to Season 4 listeners! On this episode we tackle two extremely weird episodes of X-Men the Animated Series: Love in Vain and Deal With the Devil. In Love in Vain, Rogue is reunited with her former high school crush, Cody, who has partnered with a race of aliens in order to (a) win Rogue's love and consent and also (b) turn all the X-Men into aliens. It's....well you can probably tell it's extremely weird. In Deal With the Devil, Omega Red is back with the worst super villain plan ever, and he INVITES THE X-MEN TO COME WITH HIM. This episode doesn't make any sense and it made us extremely mad.

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